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New articles:

Therry L.*, Cote J.*, Cucherousset J., Finn F., Buoro Y. & S. Blanchet. 2019. Genetic, plastic and environmental contributions to the impact of a range-expanding predator on aquatic ecosystems. Journal of Animal Ecology. Special issue Eco-evolutionary dynamics. In press. * denotes co-first authors.


Jacob, S., Laurent, E., Haegeman, B., Bertrand, R., Prunier, J.G., Legrand, D., Cote, J., Chaine, A.S., Loreau, M., Clobert, J. & N. Schtickzelle. 2018. Habitat choice meets thermal specialization: competition with specialists may drive suboptimal habitat preferences in generalists. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. In press.


Fronhofer, E.A., Legrand, D., Altermatt, F., Ansart, A., Blanchet, S., Bonte, D., Chaine, A., Dahirel, M., De Laender, F., De Raedt, J., Jacob, S., Kaltz, O., Laurent, E., Little, C., Madec, L., Manzi, F., Masier, S., Pellerin, F., Pennekamp, F., Schtickzelle, N., Therry, L., Vong, A., Winandy, L. & J. Cote. 2018. Bottom-up and top-down control of dispersal across major organismal groups. Nat. Ecol. Evol. 2: 1859–1863. Highlight: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41559-018-0720-2.


Pellerin F., Cote J., Bestion E. & R. Aguilée. 2018. Matching habitat choice promotes species persistence under climate change. Oikos. In press.





Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse

Evolution & Diversité Biologique UMR5174

118 route de Narbonne

31062 Toulouse

Phone (from mid-Oct. to mid-May): +335 61 55 61 97
Phone (from mid-May to mid-Oct.): +335 61 04 05 89

E-mail :  julien.cote@univ-tlse3.fr

Research themes

We aim at integrating phenotypic heterogeneity (behavioural, morphological and physiological) into population biology, species interactions and ecosystem functioning.